5 good tips if you want personal credit

Anyone can find themselves in an unexpected situation in their life when they suddenly need money and no support from friends or parents. In this case, OTP offers some advice on how to take out a personal loan. Worth to bet!

Thoroughly consider how much monthly installments you can take even if your income is temporarily lost, for example in the event of a job loss or longer illness. According to the thumb rule, the monthly repayment of the loan should not burden the family cashier with more than 10-15% of the income.

Choose a reasonable maturity

Choose a reasonable maturity

If you are able to pay a lower installment with greater certainty, it may be worthwhile to opt for a longer maturity as well, so that the monthly release does not pose a burden. If your financial situation develops better than you expect, you have the option of early repayment or immediate full repayment of the loan!

Get expert help!


A tempting solution might be for an agent coming to your home, but it is primarily in your best interest to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable, financially experienced clerk who can interpret the small print. This way you can prevent future unpleasant surprises!

Pay attention to one-off costs!


Common experience is that not always the cheapest is the best, in fact! There may be one-off fees associated with borrowing that make borrowing a lot more expensive overall. In addition to THM-based comparisons, you may want to consider how trustworthy, stable the lending lender is, how fast you can get the money, who to go to in case of a problem, and how you can seek help.

Carefully take out a loan!


Taking out a personal loan is now an extremely fast process. It’s a good idea to look around the Internet first for all the necessary documents and conditions to ensure that the administration is really smooth.

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